[SUB02] Stromtod

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Exactly from June 3, 2022 it will be dark again in Leipzig. DJ Stromtod’s first release on Submit Records is also to be understood as the first unofficial compilation of WGT Noisefloors. In addition to strong industrial techno grooves by Dj Stromtod, this release offers very different individual remix tracks. A listening pleasure. Sometimes floating, sometimes filled with pain. In addition to the digital release, there is also a limited handmade CDR Cardboard Pocket Version available.

Track 1,2,3,4 written and produced by Stromtod
Track 5,10 remixed by Stanley Hottek
Track 6 remixed by Sans-Fin
Track 7 remixed by Stahlschlag
Track 8 remixed by Maschinenkrieger KR52
Track 9 remixed by 16Pad Noise Terrorist