[HTK04] Fratzencenter

Music For Tapes

There was a time when Hottek still used names like Stan-Lee, Soylent Green, Klangphase or Timetrax. Under the leadership of Steffen Kuschel from Soundbasemusic in Leipzig, he released with his friend Uwe Schroeder alias Georg Holz on various labels such as Planet Pump, Wheel Works or Leypzik Records. These 4 tracks also originate from this time. Probably already 15-20 years old, these are demos that were never published on these labels. Back then, no one knew anything about mixing or equalizing or that you never give a mix with over 0db to the vinyl pressing manufactur. we tried to get the best out of the pieces. fast, loud, as primitive as possible and sometimes a bit simple.

All Tracks written and produced by Stanley Hottek